On Visions & Revelations

When you have an intimate relationship with God, He definitely gives you a vision of His plan for you. A plan to bear fruit.

Last year, He gave me a burden for the youth, specifically to reach out to the HS students of our school. On a separate occasion, God gave me a vision to set up a retreat. I didn’t know how to go about it, but after much prayer, brainstorming & consulting, we converted our usual every-other-year JS Overnight Prom into a JS retreat where we invited a couple of youth leaders from CCF Marikina to share about Our Father’s love & how He died on the cross, and encouraged the juniors & seniors to do hard things for the Lord.

It was awesome to witness a vision unfold, The day before the retreat, my mom & brother, who were supposedly heads of the event, bailed out and assigned me to oversee & spearhead the event. I was so scared to do it but I knew I needed that independence from them so that my reliance will solely be on God. But everything went smoothly and I was able to reach out to the students, and I was able to see how God worked in the whole retreat. The results, I leave up to God, but my heart is filled with joy knowing that He trusted me enough to work for Him, and that I obeyed. And that He did most of the work, all I had to do was to listen and do a few calls, organize, follow up. But with that simple gesture, I made my Savior happy. And I believe in my heart that lives will change because of that.








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