Slightly healthy breakfast to start off the week

Spanish sardines, scrambled egg, quinoa with turmeric, sprinkled with cayenne pepper.

I only learned about Quinoa (keen-wah) this holiday season. Bought the seeds & tried it out. It really tastes like rice, but the look & texture will take a bit of getting used to. Here are some health benefits I read from

1. Complete protein: it has 9 essential amino acids that are required by the body as building blocks for muscles.

2. It has Magnesium, which promotes normal blood pressure & regulates blood sugar levels, supports healthy immune system & keeps bones strong.

3. High in Fiber, which helps clean colon

4. Good source of Manganese & copper that act as antioxidants to get rid of dangerous cancer & disease-causing substances.

Also, in its whole grain form, may be effective in preventing & treating artherosclerosis, breast cancer & diabetes.

After reading this, I’m kinda drawn to it. Looks like I’m gonna be eating more of quinoa this year!



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