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All-Good (early) Weekend

Finally I’m back to exercising! I think! Thursday, I went with my friend lee to ultra, but I felt so unfit, so we walked and chatted the whole time! And today, my friend meg coerced me to hit the gym to do cardio. I still felt like a sissy so I only did a few minutes biking & walked on the treadmill for an hour. I hope I get my energy back soon, it’s just that I ate too much junk this whole month, with all the instant meet ups, buffet, weddings, vacations etc. hopefully in the coming weeks I lose all the weight i gained. I might need to set a day just to detox!

But this weekend was a blast, definitely one for the books (or blog!) it started a bit early with my brother asking us if we wanted to go to Yakimix for lunch last friday. And boy, we sure pigged out! Then we tried this new coffee place in marikina called Coffee Alley. Coffee was good, but a little pricey for the area.

Saturday came and our good friend & small groupmate Rio got married!!!! It was wonderful, and I never tire of hearing their love story cause it really sets the bar high for all of us singles. Pearl, Lanie & I also got the privilege to sing at the wedding, it it was quite an awesome experience to sing with these super gifted ladies! plus I got to catch up with most of our dgroup mates, and was blessed to hear that they are still fighting the good fight of faith.

And today, I got to listen to Pastor Sonny’s message in CCF Eastwood, about Loneliness. I learned that you can’t just brush off that feeling, and you really have to admit to God if you’re lonely, and it’s a fact of life. And when there are periods in your life that you experience it, you have to learn to listen to what God has to say, and see how He will reveal Himself at that certain point, and how we have to deal with it.

After service, I got to meet Meg to watch Breaking Dawn, which was SURPRISINGLY interesting, before we worked out.

All in all it was a tiring but fun filled week(end). It was also purposeful, and I learned something about God again.

Thank You Lord for the week that was!


Ultra, At Night


While I Walk.


Yummymix! this was my first plate. I practically had 3 platefuls of food, PLUS dessert!!! Ube Cake was THE BEST!


My Brother’s Happy Eating Face



Coffee Alley


Pastor Ito giving his spiel during Rio and Miguel's wedding


Lanie & Pearl


Extreme closeup! Counter clockwise from top left: Erwene, Lanie, Me, Myra & Pearl


Me, Lanie & Pearl waiting for our turn to sing.


the sweet couple, Miguel and Rio!


bathroom photo


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